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Zoe and Her Zebra - Andrew Hauswirth

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Chapter 1

The morning was very peaceful. The white house on Pennsylvania Avenue was very still and very quiet, and so was the neighborhood around the house. In fact, it was always quiet in the neighborhood, but there was always something for a fifth grade girl to do. Bike riding, roller blading, the school playground, playing with friends…the list went on and on.

In this white house lived a brown haired, brown-eyed girl named Zoe (Not Zo, it was pronounced Zoeee!). Zoe’s friends would always ask if the President of the United States lived in her house, because didn’t she know that the President lived in the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue? Zoe would reply that the President lived in Washington, D.C., and not in Superior, Wisconsin. When Zoe’s friend Libby asked her what the D.C. stood for, Zoe smiled, puffed in her cheeks and replied, "Declaration of Compliments."

Zoe could always find the city of Superior on the map of the world at school. Superior was at the tip of Lake Superior, which was the largest freshwater lake in the world. The lake looked like a big finger on the map. If you wanted to know where her city was, you just looked at the tip of the fingernail on the finger.

Time to get up for school, sweetie.

Zoe’s dad always woke her up at the same time in the morning. Zoe opened her eyes, stretched, and smiled. Ok, be down in a minute, she said. She was feeling groggy this morning. Her dad smiled back and spoke in his English Butler voice.

Your malt o’ meal is waiting!

Zoe actually liked her grandma’s malt o’ meal better, because she put in just the right amount of butter and brown sugar. Her grandparents lived in the house across the street, and Zoe stayed there when her dad was out of town. Sometimes her dad even put her breakfast drink in a sippy cup, because he didn’t want anything to spill on the carpet in the living room where Zoe ate her breakfast. Zoe would say that she was in 5th grade and didn’t need a sippy cup, but her dad just shook his head and said accidents happen.

Why don’t you make me use a sippy cup after school, then? Zoe would ask.

Her father would reply that after school she was actually awake and not half asleep like her cat, Jafar.

This morning Zoe’s dad did a good job on breakfast. He put in more brown sugar than usual, and her malt o’ meal was deeeelicous! She wolfed it down, and then quickly dressed in her school clothes. Her backpack was ready, and she was having hot lunch at school today (Nacho salad-YUM!). If she hurried she could watch her morning program for a few minutes. No TV this morning. It’s time to go, sweetie! said her dad.

Alright, be ready in a minute.

She ran up to her room to get her MP3. She wanted to listen to some music, and she was one of the only kids in her class who knew how to download music off the internet, so all of her friends would be excited to hear the new songs she had downloaded.

Zoe grabbed her MP3, which she had left under her pillow.

Zoe Lynn, you are going to be late if you don’t come down now! said her dad, and loud this time. Zoe tore