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Artist As Brand Workbook: A Guide to Creative Empowerment and Prosperity

Length: 144 pages1 hour


The Artist As Brand Workbook is for serious creative individuals, students, professors, and professionals who want to manifest prosperity from their art on their own terms. This is the official digital textbook used by participants at colleges, universities and art institutions while taking the Artist As Brand Workshop.

Become a confident, independent, prosperous artist regardless of economic slowdowns or other industry challenges by learning the simple steps of connecting directly with your fans, patrons and collectors. Growing this family of supporters creates a foundation of financial support.

The Artist As Brand Workbook champions an entrepreneurial spirit. This paradigm is not taught in our schools. In the fine art world it is non-existent and actually looked down upon. However, many of the most successful artists on the planet embraced this model of creative commerce to promote their authentic visionary brands.

Fine artists and commercial artists struggle when economic swings, technological advancements and outdated modes of promotion change the landscape of art career opportunities. The fine art gallery system, the commercial art industries of publishing, film, games, and graphic design professions are all susceptible to these changes. It is time to look at art career sustainability differently.

Learn the history behind the creation of Artist As Brand® and how it’s synergistic principles are helping artists around the world create their unique art businesses. The Artist As Brand Workbook has live links throughout that can be utilized while reading through the material.

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