If a “tall tale” for grown’ups that is HALF-WISDOM and HALF-WIT (pun intended,) appeals to you, you will enjoy The Magic Bottle by Dr. DeLight.

In the Prologue, you will meet Ben Aiah, the main human character, a man who has experienced prolonged struggles and repeated failures in his life, and who is about ready to end it all. But then something extraordinary happens which gives Ben a second shot at life and Hope For A Brighter Future.

In Chapters 1 thru 8 that follow, you will meet and get to know Gee-Jay, a Friend from the next dimension, as an eye-opening journey begins for Ben, revealing to him the basic Universal Rules he will need to understand, and the Tools he already has but will need to learn to use more effectively, in order to live an ever more Prosperous and Abundant Life both here on Earth and Elsewhere in the Universe and in the Great Hereafter.

If you like stories that attempt to educate, encourage, inspire, enlighten, and motivate, as well as entertain, and ... (in the Epilogue,) end happily ever-after, this one is for you. Happy Trails!

Dare to dream...

...Your future is bright...

...And so it shall be!

- Dr. DeLight

Prologue to The Magic Bottle by Dr. DeLight

Too Close To The Edge

After a long day driving straight through from Ohio, Ben Aiah and his second wife Janelle were now spending their first night of a week-long stay at a hotel right on the beach at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. For the previous 9 1/2 months Janelle had taught an intermediate elementary class in the Ohio public school system and was looking forward to some relaxation and fun on the vacation that was now beginning. Ben on the other hand had been keeping a deep dark secret. Ben’s life, outside of the time he spent with Janelle, had not been going so well. Ben considered himself a failure both personally and professionally and he had been planning for months now to make this trip to the ocean his last one, one from which he would not return.

Since his return from a South East Asian Air Base in the early 70’s when he got out of the service, Ben had a very difficult time making civilian life work. After spending over 18 months of craziness on and off-duty in the Orient during the Viet Nam War, Ben found coming back to a peacetime U. S. A. both dull and boring. He had a difficult time trying to be the Saturday Evening Post kind of husband and father his first wife and children (three daughters,) deserved. He was really a mess in a civilized environment. After a few years he had his first and most devastating nervous breakdown. Struggling to recover from that was the most difficult challenge he ever faced or ever wanted to. For a long time it was an everyday battle just to keep his head above water. For a long time he cried every morning when he woke up, losing the peace and escape of sleep, knowing that he would have to face another day of spiritual mountain climbing, and trying to keep from drowning in a whirlpool, all rolled into one. After a few years, things got better but they still weren’t good. Ben’s personal problems and struggles to recover had taken their toll and were continuing to take their toll on his marriage. Consequently his childhood sweetheart divorced him and he was separated from his children. Heartbreak and another mental breakdown ensued...

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