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This is perhaps the greatest story of the Old Testament insofar as foreshadowing the resurrection of Christ. Even Jesus Himself stressed that the Jewish people would only receive the sign of Jonas from Him. And as the great Bible teacher J. Vernon Mcgee long ago taught this beautiful tale is told from the point of view that Jonah died and was brought back to life since the word "corruption" in Jonah was translated from a Hebrew word meaning "the grave.." And the second his spirit entered back into the midst of that brute's gut a real intense light of utter brilliance suddenly flashed before his seeing. 'Twas then a razzle dazzle moment, a believe it or not time of the greatest awe, and a real eye popping period when the Lord would soon enable Jonah's spirit to settle back into his body of some corruptible flesh. Nor would that miraculous wonder of the ages ever fail to become one of the most reverenced miracles of all, for every faithful believer, all throughout countless aeons to follow. At the very same time, that was a standing still moment when even Father Time had to bow down as Jonah's spirit hovered above his very own rotting corpse . 'Twas therefore the most dazzling event of most supernatural ones in every way since it was an extraordinary kind of colossal happening, effortlessly shining with the most incredible type of impressiveness imaginable; For the forthcoming stupendous resurrection of that man of the whale would be a very special kind of occurrence that never could have happened before. And when the over-the-top luminosity of that happening finally blasted away within that monster's belly the euphoric winds of the Comforter were all of a sudden blowing most gently like some comforting breezes of unbounded bliss, which were still yoked to that Spirit of Life, Who was pretty busy eliminating the quietness within Jonah's tomb of that whale's flesh and bone by the soft fluttering of His powerful wings.
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