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This comprehensive, current, and engaging text explores Mexico's political development over the course of the twentieth century and examines the most important policy issues facing Mexico in the twenty-first century. Beginning with the 1910 Revolution, the first half of the book explains the creation of Mexico's single-party system, headed by the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party). It includes a thorough treatment of the "classic" PRI system's characteristics, a knowledgeable account of the PRI's demise, and an insightful examination of how the country's institutions evolved under two successive PAN (National Action Party) presidential administrations. The second half of the book analyzes the most pressing policy issues facing Mexican society, including poverty and inequality, gender and indigenous issues, rule of law, and trade relations with the United States and other countries. How these challenges are addressed will be crucial for the future of democracy in Mexico.

The text is richly supplemented by numerous figures and tables that illustrate broad political and economic trends, boxes that provide in-depth treatment of a variety of subjects and concepts, and key words that identify major themes and important information. Recommended readings for each chapter point students to further research. Students and professors alike will find Contemporary Mexican Politics the most up-to-date and accessible text available on Mexico's political development and domestic and international policies.
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