Native Conspiracy
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at the United States greatest triumph as its’ personal
ambition in any task whether it’s just cause or not.
After Custer’s last stand, several Washington offi cials
and the military needed answer and a solution to
the natives threat. A group of Congressmen and
Senators’ had an ultimate plan to fi nally rid the
countries native threat by an unjust, unheard of
relocation in the name of national security. When
the plan code word “Gathering of the Wolves”, was
revealed by a lonesome torture of guilt he had to tell
someone but it was too late. However, the second
phase of the ultimate plan was ready to commence
the investigation revealed an unlawful act of human
dignity. The search for the natives has failed, yet little
that the United States offi cials knew that the Native
Americans had learn to adapted in order to survive
for if not the new world would surely be their death
in a tears of sorrow.
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