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Puzzled and disturbed by the religious discord exhibited among disparate yet deeply devoted believers—the unfading desire of many to find guilt concerning the Jews; the lack of desire to understand the yearning of blacks; the ability and the need of most men to hate, to rebuke, and to discard, if not enjoy the sufferings of, a stranger—all these imperfections of humankind led M. Kleenoff to write this book.
Question after question began to accumulate, forcing the author to relentlessly seek answers. Not satisfied with half-truths and encountering many dismissals in a game of zeitgeist interlaced with politically correct answers, M. Kleenoff confronts these questions with his eyes and heart wide open in the pursuit of the main task—to finally get to the bottom of human misdeeds.
The author does not blame anyone; he simply attempts, through a thorough analysis, to understand why such behavior happens. He then shows the reader how to be more tolerant, understanding, and humane. Whether it comes through education, high standards of morality, or simply through relying on a higher power, the author demonstrates the way to use any of these roads, if not all, to achieve unity and happiness for all, regardless of societal dissimilarities.

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