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All Elisabeth Sutton wanted was for John Lawson to leave her alone. So she devised a plan when she laid eyes on the best looking man in all of Louisville Kentucky, Nicholas Montgomery. She told the biggest lie of her life and hoped he would follow her lead and agree that they were betrothed. She never dreamed there would be a duel over her. This would be the start of a scandal of a lifetime and possibly make her honor bound to the wealthiest man in Louisville Kentucky. This scandal would be something the Sutton family honor couldn’t afford since her brother, Ryan Sutton, was running for congress.

That night at Charlene Upton’s party he just wanted to convince Ryan Sutton to become a congressman. He hadn’t expected to play a Knight in shining armor to a spoiled heiress who spent most of her day shopping. Then an idea popped into his head. He would take her as a wife and teach her a few things. In the end that little lady taught him a few things. That didn’t stop their love or the passion they felt for each other. He loved stealing kisses.

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