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Double Your Money
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Here are some of the things you will learn in this brand new topic of financial intelligence:

• the simple secret of becoming rich - what 90% of the people don't know and will never find out
• why the poor remain poor for all of their lives
• how you can tell the difference between the poor and the middle class
• the most important reason why people succeed and how you can use it to create your own success story
• understand and apply the 90/10 Rule of Success to multiply your money
• how you can become very rich even in an economic recession
• how you can avoid mistaking a liability for an asset
• the new (and correct) definition of assets and how it can put you on track to financial independence
• why you should avoid operating your finances on the red line, as in your car speedometer
• Einstein's greatest mathematical discovery of all time, and how you can use it to become very rich
• the cost of your procrastination worked out mathematically
• what causes the downfall of rich and powerful people and how you can avoid it
• how you can break the "three-generation curse"
• the only way you can retire
• why you need two jobs
• how some commonly held opinions may cause you to lose all your money
• discover the key behind every successful investment decision
• what every successful investor does before putting in his money and how you can develop the same habit
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