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War, famine, disease; just a few of the many evils with which we share our world and daily lives but never aware that they exist as physical forms, escaped from the prison world of Exilia.

The key to Exilia, lost since before recorded history, has now been found. The entrance to the prison world has been discovered, and the story told to the children by the last of the caretakers is just the beginning of what will become a quest of daring, confrontation, humour and spine tingling terror.
The world has been waiting for millennia for the key to be found, for the long awaited moment to arrive when the defenders of good would be freed from their own imprisonment to continue their fight against the evils. But in order to so, Gabby and the brothers must first enter the world of Exilia and fulfil their quest. Guided by the map on the key they must travel through a world where time itself doesn’t exist, where the extraordinary is the ordinary, the unbelievable is the believable, and nightmares are a reality.
The creatures of evil must be confronted, battled or avoided. A future of peace and tranquillity, or pain and suffering, will depend on either success or failure. But can their quest be fulfilled - can they succeed?
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