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Software testing is for some developers an annoyance, for others the only way to work. Testing has a number of different roles in any development project. Ensuring that the software is working properly is the most obvious, but testing can also be used to check performance, search specifically for memory leaks and other bugs, handle environment testing, and to ensure that your software works within the operating system and with any other tools that your software uses or relies upon. If your software has a user interface element, then it also needs to be tested, and your entire stack needs to be confirmed and tested across all of the different environments and systems you expect to deploy them on.

Ultimately, with any type of software testing, the aim is to make your software better and ensure that your software not only does what you designed it to, but also doesn't do anything you didn't expect. To that end, in this Safari Books Online bibliography, we have selected a range of different books that cover a wide range of testing techniques. We've included titles on fine-grained basic unit-based testing such as JUnit, language-specific testing for JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Scala, ASP and others. You will also find titles covering security and penetration testing, UI testing, including automation frameworks such as Selenium, and testing within specific environments, like Visual Studio.

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