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Linux powers the servers and machines that power a significant proportion of the Internet, and it forms the backbone of a variety of different modern operating systems, particularly in the embedded and smaller systems markets, such as ARM-based desktops, laptops and set top systems. In fact, Linux is now the solution behind so many different things: from game consoles, to media platforms, to massive database servers, to clusters, and to some of the most powerful computing clusters in the world. Linux manages to span the full gamut of hardware platforms from watches to supercomputers. In this bibliography we have collected a range of different titles that cover the basics of installing your Linux system, how to use it and deploy it, and how to make use of the different systems.

We've also collected guides to specific environments and distributions, including Fedora, SUSE, Ubuntu and the Raspberry Pi platform. For more generic content, there are titles on kernel development, device driver building and the Linux programming interfaces. Maybe programming Linux is more appealing to you, in which case you can find books on everything from system programming to C++, Perl, Python and more with a focus on the Linux or Linux-like environment. For administration and deployment, you'll want to examine the books that cover the core of administration, shell tools, and the specific guides on security, Oracle and development stack solutions such as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl/Python/PHP). Finally, if you want to develop your professional skills and get certified, or just learn the finer details of the internals, then Safari Books Online has everything you need here and more.

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