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“If you have the privilege, you already have the right to peruse Aileen
Muhammad’s collection of work from 2009 to present. I have. You
had been whisked away at the very first word of every piece she has
written. Aileen will unleash your spirit and take you somewhere.
And everyone of her riveting, healing, love pods, take you by the
hand, walks you across the street to Karma, then, hurl you through
non-stop imagery, imaginings, soul deep steep vision parables that
make it exciting to you ‘see’ for your Self what you have read.
Sustained takes every line of verse and weaves them seamlessly with
Bai’s (Carl Karni-Bain)consuming paintings that tour Persona, the
soul of persona. Sustained places every verse and image on the tip of
your tongue. Yes, Sustained speaks from you, through you, to where
you must go.
Aileen’s, Sustained, incurs nature, stretches longing to the nth degree.
Both holy and sacred, Aileen defines the microcosmic juncture of the
two, a formula for transcendence.
Sustained traverses every revered poetic structure with a very
delightful page of Haiku Feathers that manipulates the sparkle in
your eye. But, oh my, the signature structural fierceness of Sustained
Aileen Muhammad is a fearless language soloist. Sustained is a School
of Thought entry to the annals.”
Nathan Ross Freeman
Published: AuthorHouseBooks on
ISBN: 9781481746328
List price: $3.99
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