The Prodigal Sun

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The Prodigal Sun

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (22 ratings)
Length: 627 pages9 hours


Morgan Roche, commander in the intelligence arm of the Commonwealth Empires, has been charged with protecting the AI known as The Box on a secret voyage across the galaxy. But en route her ship is ambushed by the Dato Bloc, and she is forced to crash-land on a nearby prison planet.

Battling deadly inmates and treacherous guards, she fights her way through a hostile environment toward her only hope of escape, the mysterious Adoni Cane at her side. A genetically enhanced warrior with a past not even he can fathom, he could be the savior of the human race, or its downfall--but either way, Morgan Roche won’t survive without him…

“THE PRODIGAL SUN is a close-knit personal story told on a galaxy-sized canvas. Filled with action as well as intriguing ideas.” --Kevin J Anderson

“With echoes of vintage Jack Williamson and Poul Anderson, as well as Niven, Asimov and Vinge, Williams and Dix proudly continue a vital tradition, proving SF as diverse a field as ever.” --Asimov's

“[A] very satisfying classic Golden Age-style yarn…. strongly recommended” --Locus

“Space opera of the ambitious, galaxy-spanning sort... fast and furious action.” --New York Review of SF 
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