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"Great dialogue, credible characters, and enough of a mystery-within-the-mystery to keep you guessing through the last page of the final chapter. Highly recommended." --Jeremiah Healy, author of Spiral "Fast, fun, and wacky, with enough crooks, cheats, and cons to satisfy all caper fans." -- Chris Ewan, author of The Good Thief Guide to Vegas THE HUNT FOR A LOST FORTUNE UNCOVERS A BOATLOAD OF SECRETS, SUSPICIONS, SKELETONS...and SUSPECTS. Noted bank robber "Fast Cash" Cashman disappeared seven years ago, along with three million dollars in cold, hard cash. Seven years later, his dizzy widow, Lottie, has declared him legally dead...and that's when the bodies tarted surfacing. Enter resourceful, devious con man Todd Gleason, who is enlisted to help two old friends out of a deadly jam. Cindy Scanlon needs Todd to locate he errant husband, Patrick, who has run afoul of a notorious loan shark with the unlikely name of Langston Livingstone. Only Fast Cash's lost stash will save the day--and someone has conveniently--mysteriously, send Patrick a map indicating the money's location. But several other interested parties have been sent them as well, including the lovely Lana and the blowsy big-mouth Beverly Mills of Beverly Hills. In CALIFORNIA SCHEMING, Todd Gleason's got a list of suspects as long as the California coast, but he's got just one question: one guilty...and who's guiltier? Jetting between New York and Los Angeles, with some steamy sojourns on the lush island of Bermuda, it's up to Todd Gleason--along with his pet frog, Toad--to out-scheme them all. Like always. "Funny and breathless." -- S. J. Rozan, Edgar award-winning author
Published: Open Road Integrated Media on
ISBN: 9781617569319
List price: $4.99
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