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The Teaching / Learning Process
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Educators have a moral as well as a professional responsibility to address the needs of persons entrusted in their care. That moral responsibility involves (1) acknowledging one’s Christian conscience which is non-negotiable; (2) respecting the Christian conscience of others while taking seriously the educational needs of students; and (3) maintaining relationships with varied stakeholders to the extent that they are cognizant of their overall responsibilities to the children and young adults served.

My goal in this book is to share strategies for achieving and maintaining improved student achievement. Recognition of the magnitude of all the variables, which lie therein, led to the formulation of the text, The Teaching/Learning Process Undergirded by Biblical Teachings. Through this synergy of effort, combined with elements of spirituality, we shall experience noticeable changes in attitudes, pedagogy, and teacher/student expectations. Biblical quotations contained herein are from the King James Version.

Because of the dismal educational circumstances facing our nation, it is imperative that leaders in the school system, teachers, parents, community and governmental leaders, and prospective teachers seek to develop a spirit of excellence in our educational institutions. Each of us has a responsibility to God, to those whom we serve, and to ourselves to safeguard our schools. Where do we go for help? We go to the scriptures, one of which is Proverbs 3:5: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding.”

Where do we start? We begin with faith, hope, and love. We must have faith in God, faith in ourselves, and faith in our children. There must be a firm hope in what will come tomorrow. Tomorrow comes with positive rewards when there are scriptural acknowledgements. Finally, love places quality into service. When one has love, his/her words and actions are magnified. Love lasts, and what it does will last. Love is the greatest gift and has the greatest rewards because “God is love (l John 4:8).” The thesis of the proposed textbook is that the teaching/learning process is effective when undergirded by scriptural principles. Stated succinctly, the thesis posits that we should teach and learn the Bible way. Certainly, such actions assure positive rewards.

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