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Have you ever wondered why people are so gullible here in the twenty-first century, especially in the United States of America, where education is mandated through age sixteen? Is it all the deceiver’s fault, or does the victim has a part to play in these villainous acts?

It appears that in this enlightened era, this age of reason, people are more deceived than ever before. What motive or motives are at play to allow the deception to take place? Are both sides of the ploy looking for something?

After a seed is planted and it begins to germinate, two sprouts or shoots come from it. One shoot grows down and become the root system, and the other grows upward to become the stem or trunk that supports whatever is on that plant above ground. The depth and/or the complexity of the root system influence the height or complexity of the stem system.

Architects determine the depth and strength of the foundation when considering the height of a building. So it is when considering human existence. We search or study the past to better understand our present and be able to make more quality plans or predictions about our future.

With this in mind, let us explore our past to see if we can discover or uncover a better understanding of how deception has reached this high level of “perfectness.”
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