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Bela’ - A Dog’s Life by: B. L. Kendall-Gilmore Bela’ (pronounced - “bay la“) - A Dog‘s Life, is about a rat terrier who tells her story in this delightful tale of neglect and redemption. She begins her life in a puppy mill, where she is found by Louise in an outdoor puppy mill. Bela’s life begins anew, this time in a warm, loving home. She is introduced to her new sister, Cali, another rat terrier. This is a tiny story about a tiny dog with a huge personality; and her loving owner and a cantankerous, hyperactive sister. Bela’s family includes an elderly human grandmother and her experiences in a household where she fights to be the queen. Bela’ is special, even if she alone thinks it. She insists upon her position in her family and in life, and to be treated as the royalty she believes herself to be.

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ISBN: 9781483607924
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