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3:16 through the Bible presents a journey through the whole Bible, considering the sixteenth verse of the third chapter in each book. Through this creative sampling of God’s Word, author Yunhee Kim Flakes uncovers how these verses reveal the true nature of God and share with His people how they may come to know Him and follow His Son, Jesus Christ. Each chapter begins by quoting the selected verse from one of the Bible’s books. The explanation then places that verse in the context of the book in which it appears. Next, the chapter offers guidance for understanding the message God shares through the selected verse and its book. Finally, each chapter concludes by pointing the reader to the next stop on the journey through the Bible. If you have felt your life would be richer and fuller if you became more deeply acquainted with God and if you knew more about His message in the Bible, then this study can provide you with the guidance you need to discern God’s handiwork in His Word and to appreciate how He offers to work in your life through Jesus Christ, His Son.

A new way to review all key themes in Scripture is now available through Dr. Yuni Flakes’ book, 3:16s Through the Bible. In this innovative work, she notes that John 3:16 provides a magnificent summary of God’s plan for man. Responding to an impression by the Holy Spirit, she reviewed all other 3:16s in the Bible to see if they, too, might be wonderful summaries of the books wherein they are found. To her amazement, they were! In this book, Dr. Flakes lists all the 3:16s in the Bible, with a few pages of commentary discussing how each 3:16 captures the movement of God for that particular piece of spiritual history. It is an excellent overview of God’s dealings with man from Genesis to Revelation. You will come away from this book with a greater understanding of how God has related to mankind and how mankind has responded to God throughout the last 3000 years. —Mark Virkler, president of Christian Leadership University

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