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Never before in history has anyone ever been able to hear only the words of Christ personally unless you lived at the time he did and was near enough to hear him speak of true meaning and purpose in this life and eternal happiness in the next.

Using today’s technology and this unique book, it is now possible for you to hear only the words of Christ as though you were with him when he walked and talked on this earth making it especially helpful for the blind; those whose vision is impaired and have difficulty reading; or for those who do not wish to read or even for those who cannot read.

This ebook is truly special because it enables you to imagine yourself in the presence of Christ wherever and whenever you choose, at your own pace, in your own time while allowing the Holy Spirit another avenue to touch your soul and/or the soul of modern man.
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THE WORDS OF CHRIST By St Mark - Joe Procopio

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If you have ears to hear, then hear.

The time has come; the kingdom of God is upon you; repent, and believe the Gospel.

Come with me, and I will make you fishers of men.

Be silent and come out of him.

Let us move on to the country towns in the neighborhood; I have to proclaim my message there also: that is what I came out to do.

Indeed I will; be clean again.

Be sure you say nothing to anybody. Go and show yourself to the priest, and make the offering laid down by Moses for your cleansing; that will certify the cure.

My son, your sins are forgiven.

Why do you harbor thoughts like these? Is it easier to say to this paralyzed man, ‘Your sins are forgiven’, or to say, ‘Stand up, take your bed, and walk’? But to convince you that the Son of Man has the right on earth to forgive sins – I say to you, stand up, take your bed, and go home.

Follow me.

It is not the healthy that need a doctor, but the sick; I did not come to invite virtuous people, but sinners.

Can you expect the bridegroom’s friends to fast while the bridegroom is with them? As long as they have the bridegroom with them, there can be no fasting. But the time will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them, and on that day they will fast.

No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on to an old coat; if he does, the patch tears away from it, the new from the old, and leaves a bigger hole. No one puts new wine into old wine skins; if he does, the wine will burst the skins, and then wine and skins are both lost. Fresh skins for new wine!

Have you never read what David did when he and his men were hungry and had nothing to eat? He went into the House of God, in the time of Abiathar the High Priest, and ate the sacred bread, though no one but a priest is allowed to eat it, and even gave it to his men.

The Sabbath was made for the sake of man and not man for the Sabbath: therefore the Son of Man is sovereign even over the Sabbath.

Come and stand out here.

Is it permitted to do good or to do evil on the Sabbath, to save life or to kill?

Stretch out your arm.

How can Satan drive out Satan? If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand; if a household is divided against itself, that house will never stand; and if Satan is in rebellion against himself, he is divided and cannot stand; and that is the end of him.

On the other hand, no one can break into a strong man’s house and make off with his goods unless he has first tied the strong man up; then he can ransack the house.

I tell you this: no sin, no slander, is beyond forgiveness for men; but whoever slanders the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven; he is guilty of eternal sin.

"Who is my mother?