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The Voyage of Destiny
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This is the story of our dearest Bapaji, a historical panorama, covering from his early childhood in Jamnagar, to east Africa and his family’s final settlement in the United States. all chronicled in this volume of the personal recollections. It is fitting that this record should come from a family member who had been his contemporary remembering the period it covers.
My mothers’ grandfather and my grandfather were born in a critical time in Khoja Ismaili history in Kathiavad, Gujarat India. Advise given by Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah played a major role in those inspiring times, resulting in a large number of community migrating to many different countries and particularly in East Africa.
This story recounts the frequent dialogue my Nana (my mother’s father) and my Dada (my grandfather) had with his father and others which proved to be the most rewarding in personal Judgement, unfolding clearly and objectively this fascinating narrative that is valuable. Therefore,
Here is the story in a Khoja family of East Africa seen inside from Bapaji’s family.
This narrative record of a most convulsive period of early settlement of my family in East Africa makes absorbing reading. Undoubtedly, may Nana has discharged honorably the debt he owns to our family to preserve our rich heritage, history and how my grandparents lived intensely and dedicated almost all their lives to the service of mankind and community.
Tasnim Mahmoud Eboo
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