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A little boy who lives in a castle spends his days reading, riding horses, and wandering around his family’s estate. On his fifth birthday, the boy bids his parents good-bye as they head for a party; he has no idea that he will never see them again. With his parents deceased in a strange accident, the boy attempts to carry on with the help of his servants. But on the one-year anniversary of his parents’ deaths, the little boy suddenly transforms into a beast, changing the course of the future forever.

Two hundred years later, the Beast is still not used to his new existence; what’s more, he is haunted by bizarre dreams of a beautiful lady. As the Beast attempts to determine whether the woman is real, an elderly man stumbles upon the castle during a storm. When he innocently takes a rose from a vase to give to his daughter, the Beast becomes enraged and shows himself, setting off a chain of events that puts the man amid the Beast’s desperate quest for happiness.

Beast presents a timeless fairy tale from a new perspective, telling of the beast’s relentless search for the enchanting woman he dreams of as he begins to suffer the consequences of uncovering a deadly curse.

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ISBN: 9781475985344
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