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Only the foolish venture uninvited into the death-blasted borderlands of the Trans Pecos.

"Iron Shod" is a story featuring young Texan "Quaid Hudson" and is Book number 6 in the Quaid Hudson series. This is a stand-alone story that can be enjoyed without the need to read any of the prequels.

After drifting the back roads of America, young Quaid returns to the ranch to find that his Ma has passed on and outlaws and human predators frequent the ranch house and its surrounding desert wastelands. In Quaid's attempts to return to a simpler, innocent time he is forced to confront the terror of his unresolved past and plays an unwitting part in the fate of those foolish enough to venture into the death-blasted borderlands of the Trans Pecos.

"Iron Shod" is a gritty, fast-paced, uncompromising tale of unrealised dreams and moral payback at the edge of the human wilderness. A modern thriller with classic American themes, and contemporary outlaws.

For readers wishing to enjoy all of the "Quaid Hudson" books in sequence, they go as follows;- "Curandero ", "Vengeance of the Crossing," "Day of the Dead', "Love Triangle at Armorillion", "Silverillion" , "Iron Shod" and "Vegas Coyote". This sequence takes our young hero from late teens through to his mid twenties.
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