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Why Read The Book ‘The Gift of Jesus Christ’?There has never been a book – until this book – that tells the whole story of Jesus Christ from before the world was created until after the resurrection! Each page is a masterpiece of enlightenment due to the quick and straight-up answers provided to the questions below: 1.Where did we come from before we were born? 2.Why are we here on this earth?3.Where will we go after we die?4.What can we do to prepare for the hereafter?5.What is the difference between the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost?6.Are they three in one or what?7.What is the Fall of Adam?8.What is the Atonement?9.What is Paradise?10.What is Heaven?11.What is Hell?12.Are we the Children of God?13.Are we actually created in God’s physical image?14.Can we progress to also become a Deity? In addition, more than one hundred forty-five grand master paintings over the past five hundred fifty years have been inserted to help capture the reality of Christ’s Gift of the Ages.
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