Taodore finally felt content and free of Facility. His three children were growing stronger every day. Larkin’s ranch became a colony; housing not only her family and friends, but also residents from Banks Island. Banding together, they formed a sense of normalcy and belonging. As time moved forward, those with abilities continue to practice giving the colony a sense of security. Months had passed and everyone believed they were free – until the day a stranger approached them on their own front lawn. He spoke of a place called Oaks and of his surrender to their colony. To learn more, Taodore pulls a vision from this man as the colony questions their safety. This day was one they all secretly feared – the Facility was not destroyed with the fall of Markum and Grumster, and the take-over of Banks by Xavier. Was every lie the Facility told them suddenly becoming a twisted truth? Was every truth a lie? Falling back from this newcomer in order to assess their current situation, the colony becomes uncertain. Was another war upon them? Taodore’s senses heighten as he realizes two things – this man is not the only one approaching their colony. Taodore hears the strangers’ thoughts, and suddenly it becomes apparent with this invasion; the Facility wants to obtain the one person who is the most important thing to Taodore’s being – his newly born child. Standing by his side, his pack, Bank’s nine, and anyone else willing to fight prepare to defend what is theirs, but soon they realize during battle that Oaks Facility has been creating drones that have abilities even the colony is in fear they cannot win against. Havoc shall reign as the colony stands for its one promise to each other – freedom. Facility you have been warned.
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