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Parents surprise a number of professional driving instructors with their approach to teaching a new driver how to drive. Driving is a life & death exercise and if you go about it incorrectly it can become a family tragedy.

Instructors have debated the pro's and con's of where and when a new driver should be driving on the open road with many a parent. Some parents believe their child should drive in traffic within the first lesson, others hold back for too many hours.

This book has been written to give guidance to parents, and driving instructors, who want to play an active role in developing any new driver. The concept of this book is simple; firstly we learn about the vehicle controls, then the manoeuvring procedures, followed by the more complex on-road procedures, through to the open road and traffic speed processes.
By following this book, in page order, a new driver will develop these skills progressively and be introduced to the tougher tasks as a combination of earlier learned skills. By including drawings and basic descriptions the book can be share-read by the facilitator and the new driver to assist in the learning process.
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Learning to Drive - Colin J. Carroll

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