This book is an experienced analysis of the failures of American schools to provide learning for a majority of its students including those known as the forgotten half—and the reasons for those failures. It explores who is being educated, and what is known about learning in terms of prerequisites, brain differences and cultures. The book describes the failed initiatives of more money, class size reduction, school choice, magnet schools, vouchers, and merit pay for teachers. Charter schools don’t cut it for a majority of our children. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and Race To the Top (RTT) are expensive, unmitigated disasters.

The American schools have mostly missed the promise of change and technology and are now engaged in massive fallacious testing, resulting in little benefit to the nation and significant harm to the children. Outrageously priced Higher Education has little to offer to improve the national education malaise, and lumbers on in its dismal, disorderly state. However, American schools in their INNOCENCE are a product of and restricted by their governmental, economic, civic, and ecologic environment. As described in the closure of the book, The Future, the major structural changes needed to re-create our national learning system have overrun national planning and thinking capacity. Fortunately, there are promising patterns of change in progress.
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