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The team can’t wait to return to the wild alien world.  They work to outwit the bully gang and their leader, a gang that now seems so primitive and pathetic.  Compared to what they have learned and what awaits them; dealing with a gang of bullies is just too easy.

Once again they are transported and transformed.  Finally in the ‘other’ world, the adrenalin rush is amazing.  But something is different.  Something is wrong.  An unfolding trail of horror awaits them.   It leads them to a revelation that will unsettle them all and draw some of the team toward pending destruction; like a moth to a flame.

Steven strives to discover what is behind the combat that they must endure.  Combat that they once enjoyed, now seems to have turned to harsh reality and has such a sinister edge.  Their lust for war and domination seems to have led them to such bad places.  Steven drives the team to discover the true purpose behind the world and why they are there.  He feels it is the only way to truly prevail.

Finally a revelation, a shocking truth that will fracture the team; send them head long into conflict and chaos.  Can they recover from this truth?  What will it lead to?  There can be no solace.  Little did they know that the terror they have unleashed would impact on our world.  Earth.  The evil they have wrought; the evil within.

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ISBN: 9781483635774
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