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“You will not leave until I learn the truth.”
Ahiga chief of the Navajo tribe vowed to keep the two sisters in his
village until he knew for certain if they killed his sister by marriage or not.

They were as night and day Zemira was the sweet good-natured
one, but it was her sister Carina who was the stubborn, arrogant
one. Her tongue knew no bounds and her spirit was strong and
Ahiga hoped that he would have the fortitude to harden his heart
against the beautiful young girl before it was too late.

“You have no right to keep us here, we did nothing wrong.”

Things were going from bad to worse for Carina and her sister
Zemira, first their home was destroyed and their family was dead
and now they were being held prisoners by the chief of the Navajos
for something they didn’t do. Carina saw the desire in the chief’s
eyes when he looked at her and she would fight him before she
would allow him to touch her. She had been fighting all her life
and she will continue to fight even if it meant that she would be
punished for it. Just because she was a woman didn’t mean she
didn’t have a Warrior’s Spirit.
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ISBN: 9781483640877
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