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Life in all its dimensions is a story to be told and busyness detracts from the telling.

There is an ever-growing movement of journaling, scrapbooking and blogging, reminiscent of children sitting at the knee of elders to hear repeated, the story of their preceding generations. It is pictures crudely rendered on cave walls.

In my genealogy research I was ecstatic to find a story to go with the facts of an ancestors life, putting flesh on those spare bones. It’s all a part of extending our lives and influence into future generations. It’s the pain that was segregation. It’s support and guidance of loving parents. It’s loved ones that went wrong. It’s the toll of wars. It’s the assassination of a President. It’s dreams we’ve had and pets we’ve loved and feelings. How we felt about everything that transpired in our lives. It's about sharing our lives with everyone we've met along the way.

If you’re looking for writing like Dan Brown, James Patterson or Barbara Kingsolver you will be disappointed. This is a work of Prose, Poetry and Essay.

If you seek a touch of deceased humorist and journalist Erma Bombeck, combined with a touch of the earthiness of Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author, Rick Bragg, you're sure to enjoy the book.

Read Southern Reflections for pleasure and a laugh or two.

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