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With ORION’S DAGGER, Paula E. Downing presents the thrilling final installment of THE CLOUDSHIPS OF ORION trilogy, which Starlog magazine called “special...a thoroughly engrossing story.” The trio was originally published under the penname P.K. McAllister.

In the first novel, SIDURI’S NET, gypsy descendent Pov Janusz raced through space to find the rare molecules of tritium to save his people’s mothership, which had been damaged by an errant comet. In his second adventure, MAIA’S VEIL, the Sailmaster and his cohort returned to the fleet, only be forced to choose between slavery and a risky escape to the Pleiades. Now he faces his toughest test yet: travel to the mysterious areas of the Orion Nebula and mine the untold fortunes waiting there while battling adversaries—some of which inhabit his own ship—who want nothing more than to see him fail.

Orion’s Dagger finds Pov ready to launch his newly constructed ship on its first mission. But he already faces a handful of challenges—members of his own crew are at odds, while the cloudship consortium is ready to crumble at any second. Plus the galaxy’s most sought-after secret is his ship’s drive, the key to entering the Nebula. Can Janusz lead his band of fellow sailors into the undiscovered depths of the Nebula to complete his nearly impossible task with the pressure mounting? Read the stunning conclusion to find out as E-Reads reunites the three adventures of THE CLOUDSHIPS OF ORION for the first time since 1996. 
Published: Open Road Media an imprint of Open Road Integrated Media on
ISBN: 9781497606517
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