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We often think we can quickly and easily determine right from wrong, or black from white. But we don’t always know the difference. What’s more, not everything is all right or all wrong, all black or all white. What happens when the answers to your questions fall somewhere in between—in that area known as gray?

In The Gray, author Kolten Zachariah, tells Darian’s story of struggle and ultimately of triumph. It is a cautionary tale of questioning the questionable and not always taking things at face value. When he is set up for a crime he didn’t commit, Darian is forced to spend time in prison. He learns the importance of scratching beneath the surface to find the truth. Darian discovers the gray is where one finds answers—and where you find yourself. And it doesn’t always come easily.

The Gray is based on Zachariah’s life and journey to truth, destiny, and God’s will. It is the story of the place where answers are not clear, the decisions that arise from that place, and the consequences of those decisions. It is complicated, evolving, deep, and inevitable. Zachariah’s story offers inspiration to help you find your way to the truth.

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