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Rahab—My Story
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In the heart of Jericho, Rahab has a lucrative business as an innkeeper. Travelers—and the local men—love to lodge at Rahab’s inn because she provides them with much more than the basic necessities.

But being able to afford the best of everything isn’t enough for Rahab. Something is missing. From the many patrons who lodge at Rahab’s, she hears about Yahweh, His love for His chosen people, the Promised Land, and a covenant made many years ago between Yahweh and Abraham. She makes the decision to pray to God and ask for His help.

When two spies from Joshua’s army ask Rahab for shelter, she takes a bold risk and hides them. The men tell her of the God of Abraham, and Rahab accepts him into her heart. The two spies promise to save Rahab and her family when Jericho is attacked. Eager to share her joy, Rahab tells her family of her newfound faith and tries to convince her family to trust Yahweh and be saved from Jericho’s inevitable destruction. But will they listen to her message, or is their fate sealed along with the city’s?

A bold retelling of the biblical tale, Rahab—My Story offers a message of hope and redemption for all.

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