When Jonathan Michael Ames turned around and saw her standing there after all the years that she had been gone he thought his prayers had been answer. He wanted to believe all the hard times the lonely times were behind him. All he thought about was the good times that they had shared. It was as if it had been yesterday and all those lonely years were just a bad dream. All he could see was that wonderful smile and those beautiful eyes that held his heart.
Pauline April Stevens was home and there he was. Once they saw one another it felt as if they had never been apart. She was on the run from her recent past. A past that was dark as well as not far behind her. Her safe place and those people she cared about most were about to be threatened. Things would be changed in ways no one could ever have imagined. She had come back to get away from the fear that had been with her every day over the last few years.
Pauline as well as all her friends were about to learn a hard lesson about unfinished business. You may think you know how people will react but that is because you have never really seen them angry before. Stephen was already angry he had lost one of his play things. Jonathan was going to get angry. When that happened it was going to be right out there for everyone to see. Then there was Pauline. No one was going to see her anger until it was too late.
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