Unspoiled by the hand of civilization, the raw, savage swamplands of east Alabama radiate life forces both natural and supernatural. On the edge of this murky landscape reside the Fossor sisters--Tina, Gretta, and Artie--the "witches" of Night Horse Creek. Practitioners of the Old Ways, the Fossors embrace nature, revering the spirit of the Goddess through harmless rituals and incantations. They also understand how the power of dreams connects them to unseen energies--and the shadows that dwell within them. "The Terror" is one such shadow. An ancient entity that existed before man walked the earth, The Terror has taken Tina's daughter--and created a barrier that holds the Fossers' powers in thrall. As the malignant force ravages their loved ones, the sisterhood is badly shaken. But they must stand strong, for to fight the darkness, they will have to call it forth...
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ISBN: 9780759274655
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