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“The Fire Catcher is a riveting text that leads the reader on twists and turns throughout the journey of the author’s true story.” —Janis Du Bois, MPA

“Transparently, Courageously, and Passionately Shared…A Story reminding each of us that Jesus is the True ‘Declaration of Grace” —Marcia A. Mills, Founder and President, House of Hope Southwest Indiana

The Fire Catcher: A Declaration of Grace presents the true story of author M. T. Arnold, who overcame a troubled childhood to become a US Army security agent, Indiana’s volunteer of the year, and an accomplished businessman. As he recalls in his memoir, the road to success was anything but easy for Arnold.

After a tour in Vietnam, Arnold came home to find the world he left significantly changed—his childhood home gone, his family split apart, his personal belongings scattered. But he remembered the promise he made to serve God if he returned safely from battle—as well the promises to buy a sports car, travel, and return to college. He managed to keep his promises but one—serving God. A drug arrest, and dashed career hopes, however, led him to finally keep that most important promise.

Even as he vowed to follow the narrow path of Christianity, his past and present soon collided. He found himself struggling to live up to his faith and tell the truth about his past, including a dark secret he had kept for many years.

This memoir follows Michael’s journey in his quest to become one of God’s warriors, only done by letting life’s fires draw him closer to God and nearer to amazing grace.

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ISBN: 9781462727544
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