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Ultimate Review for the Neurology Boards

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Preparing for the Neurology Boards, recertification, or the AAN's RITE® Residency In-Service Training Exam can be daunting, years of study, training, and volumes of material to be processed, organized, and distilled for ready recall when the moment arrives. It may seem impossible to retain so much information. However, the completely revised and expanded Second Edition of this unique, easy-to-use bestselling review guide gives you all the tools you need to tie it all together no additional texts needed. And with Ultimate Review for the Neurology Boards you have free web support including: access to online cases, flashcards, and a medications data bank. Free access when you register with the password included in the book.The book breaks down the field of neurology into 24 chapters covering all subjects on the neurology boards including child and adult psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, and neurophysiology. Using an expanded outline format and innovative heading hierarchy for in-depth or rapid review, the topics are arranged so that you will read the easiest-to-remember first and the most-likely-to-be-forgotten last. Every chapter has been brought up-to-date to reflect current science and practice and includes information on: pivotal trials, new medications and treatments, diagnostic criteria, genetic disorders, and AAN guidelines. Complete your study on the web with the hundreds of cases, flashcards, and images.The Expanded Second Edition Features:24 thoroughly updated chapters covering all subjects on the neurology boardsA new Mini-Atlas of EEG tracings to hone proficiency in interpretationMore NB (nota bene) items throughout flag must-know high-yield informationMore diagrams, illustrations, and tables to solidify concepts, streamline dense material, and enhance learningAdditional Notes page the end of each chapter for personal annotationsAre You Really Ready? - completely new practice test with questions, answers, and explanations to gauge preparednessFree access to enhanced web features and new case modules to extend and reinforce the material in the bookUltimate Review for the Neurology Boards is a must-have for residents preparing for boards or studying for the RITE exam, and for neurologists preparing for recertification. The Second Edition continues to deliver the Ultimate in high-yield board review, in print and on the web.;Preface
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Introduction: Preparing for the Neurology Board Examination
How to Use This Book
How to Access the Ultimate Neurology Website
Clinical Neurology

1. Stroke
2. Dementia
3. Neuromuscular Disorders
4. Epilepsy
5. Movement Disorders
6. Demyelinating Disorders
7. Infectious Disease
8. Neurotoxicology
9. Sleep Disorders

Neurological Subspecialties

10. Neuroradiology
11. Neurophysiology
12. Pediatric Neurology
13. Neurourology
14. Neuro-Ophthalmology
15. Neuro-Otology
16. Neuroendocrinology
17. Headache, Neuro-Oncology, and Transplant Neurology
18. Psychiatry and Neurobehavior

Basic Neurosciences

19. Neurochemistry and Pharmacology
20. Neurogenetics
21. Neurohistology, Embryology, and Developmental Disorders
22. Neuroanatomy
23. Neuropathology

69 High-Yield Tables
Index;"This can be a helpful resource for trainees preparing for the neurology board examination or yearly in-service exams. It lends itself to an expedited review of pertinent testable material for the standard neurology examinations without major omissions. The second edition improvements are worthwhile, with online content supplementi

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