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Written by the dystonia team at the University of Florida Movement Disorders Center, this book is designed as a practical and complete guide to the integrated management of the dystonia patient. It provides a current understanding of this common but often poorly appreciated condition and a framework for delivering comprehensive multi and intra-disciplinary care. Individual chapters review medical and surgical strategies, botulinum toxin therapy, and programming issues for deep brain stimulators. The remainder of the book is devoted to the important role of health professionals from various disciplines and what the physician needs to know to direct a successful long-term care team for dystonia patients. Features include:

Emphasis on a multi-disciplinary team approach to long-term management
Coverage of both adult and pediatric patients
Pearls and practical points within each chapter to guide the practitioner
Lists of resources and referral information for patients, families, and medical teams;Medical and Surgical Approaches to Dystonia; The Treatment of Dystonia with Botulinum Toxins; The Role of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician; Assistant in the Management of Dystonia; Dystonia from a Social Work Perspective; Speech and Swallowing Orders in Dystonia; The Role of Physical Therapy in the Management of Dystonia; The Role of the Occupational Therapist on the Interdisciplinary Team; Evaluation and Treatment of Dystonia: The Role of the Psychologist in Dystonia; Psychiatric Considerations in the Dystonia Patient; Programming Deep Brain Stimulators in Dystonia;"Okun's remarkable 248 page practical guide, The Dystonia Patient, is the first book that exclusively focuses on patients diagnosed with the rare movement disorder, dystonia. It is well written, efficiently organized with plenty of gems and advice for healthcare providers, who provide direct care to this complex patient population. Most importantly, it highlights the role and application of the multidisciplinary care model for these patients; an under-emphasized care model that is intensely needed for these patients and their families. Many require assistance from a variety of health providers including the physical therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, pain management specialists, neurosurgeons, nurse practitioners etc.
Okun has truly given much thought to the total concept of "holistic", "gestalt" care for these patients when writing this guide. It is quite obvious that the information, provided in a positive,easy-to-read approach, has been thoroughly researched in collaboration with other healthcare providers. I highly applaud the author, a practicing physician specializing in movement disorders, for recognizing the needs and the care required by these patients.
I highly recommend this book for nursing and medical students, newly practicing neurologists including those ready to enter the arena of movement disorders. The book is an absolute necessity in the office- libraries of all those providing care to the unique Dystonia Patient, as well as organizations providing support to patients and their families. A true Gem of a Read for all!" -- Beka Serdans, RN, MS, NP, Founder,
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