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iSpine is unique in its presentation of interventional spine, employing a disease-based or specific structure injury model. Expert clinicians take you through the full gamut of painful spine conditions, detailing historical features, clinical presentation, diagnostic testing, imaging studies, and the latest treatment interventions. Spine biomechanics and ergonomic principles are also covered to promote strategies for reducing spine strain and minimizing the risk of recurrent injury.

Containing hundreds of fluoroscopic images and other illustrations, iSpine provides a practical, procedural approach to the diagnosis and treatment of painful spine disorders. The contributing national and international authors are drawn from multiple specialties - including physiatry, anesthesiology, radiology, biomechanical engineering, physical therapy, orthopedics, neurosurgery, internal medicine, and rheumatology - reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of outcomes-oriented interventional spine care.

iSpine belongs on the shelf of any clinician practicing high-yield state-of-the-art interventional spine medicine, using the best available evidence to accurately diagnose, optimally treat, and minimize the healthcare costs associated with these disorders.

Features of iSpine Include:

Technical instructions for performing procedures including hundreds of fluoroscopic images and other illustrations
Chapters discuss innovative new technologies and spinal applications, such as intradiscal biologic agents for degenerative lumbar discs and augmentation of pelvic insufficiency fractures
Critical analysis of the literature on interventional spine care
Chapters written by internationally recognized experts;Introduction, 1. Etiologies of Painful Spinal Disorders, Christopher W. Huston and S. Ashley McCowen, PART I LUMBOSACRAL SPINE: 2. Pathophysiology of Painful Lumbosacral Spine Disorders, Lars G. Gilbertson and Manuel Fanor Saavedra, Section A Axial Low Back Pain: 3. Mechanical Assessment of Axial Lumbosacral Pain, Stephen May and Ron Donelson, Internal Disc Disruption (IDD): 4. Diagnostic Imaging of Lumbosacral Internal Disc Disruption, Paul E. Verrills, Nikolai Bogduk, and David G. Vivian, 5. Provocation and Analgesic Discography Evaluation of Lumbosacral Internal Disc Disruption, Kevin Pauza, 6. Epidural Steroids for Lumbosacral Internal Disc Disruption, Omar El Abd and Michael J. DePalma, 7. Intradiscal Heating Procedures for Lumbosacral Internal Disc Disruption, Leonardo Kapural, 8. Intradiscal Biologic Agents for Lumbosacral Internal Disc Disruption, Rajeev K. Patel, Facet Joint Dysfunction: 9. Diagnostic Imaging of Painful Lumbar Facet Joints, Matthew Smuck and Divya Agrawal, 10. Diagnostic Blockade of Symptomatic Lumbar Facet Joints, Venu Akuthota and Rachel Brakke Holman, 11. Therapeutic Intra-Articular Lumbar Facet Joint Injections, Michael B. Furman and Justin J. Petrolla, 12. Radiofrequency Denervation for Lumbar Facet Joint Pain, Frank J. E. Falco and Stephanie Geffert, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction: 13. Diagnostic Imaging of Painful Sacroiliac Joints, Joseph D. Fortin, Sayed E. Wahezi, Douglas Mintz, and Anthony Chang, 14. Diagnostic Blockade of Symptomatic Sacroiliac Joints, Jean-Yves Maigne, 15. Therapeutic Intra-Articular Injections for Painful Sacroiliac Joints, Amish R. Patel, 16. Neuroablative Techniques for Sacroiliac Joint Pain, Anita Gupta and Steven P. Cohen, Unique Conditions: 17. Midline Posterior Element Disorders, Sarah Knievelv and Tim Lamer, 18. Fusion Hardware Mediated Low Back Pain, Amit Bhargava, 19. Lumbosacral Spine Disorders in the Young Athlete, Joshua A. Thomas
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