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Last American Mercenary - Nicholas Black

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There is the world that we live in, and then there is another place that only gets mentioned at the end of news clippings and censored war footage. This other place is full of smoke and violence and twisted metal. The men that live in this world are everyday people . . . pushed to extremes by circumstance and nature.

Take a firsthand journey through the eyes of one American who found himself surrounded by contract killers, political assassins, militants, and terrorists. Mercenaries. Men who were willing to trade the fundamental rules of a civilized society for money and violence.

Men who don't have to live by laws, or treaties, or borders.

From the U. S. Navy, to a convicted Arms-trafficker on the run from the U. S. Government, and eventually turning to the only thing he knows to survive. See, for yourself, how a hired-gun survives off the grid, ending up in the French Foreign Legion. Experience the darker side of men; where the only thing that matters is conflict . . . and how far they are willing to submerge themselves in it to define their identity.

Follow the true story of the Last American Mercenary.

Written by Nicholas Black, 2004

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