Jottings is a collection of poems written over a period of twenty years. Most of the poems in this collection are contextual. Written in different genres of poetry, while some of the poems appear as general statements but having a bearing on nature. Others are responses of the poet to social/economic/political issues and those related to women. The poems reflect the mood and views of the poet. While poems like “A Symbol of Beauty,” “Horizon,” “Loss” appear simple, they have an underlying meaning, the philosophy of life. In poems like “Disgusting” and “To a Brave Son,” the poet points an accusing finger at the powers that be for the sorry state of affairs. “Love” brings out the true meaning of the word while describing the different stages in the life of a person. The life of a girl child form the theme of “Who Am I.” The hapless condition of young women and children, especially girls, are brought to fore in “To Ponnus and Malalas” and “Sadist Minds.” “Down Memory Lane” goes back in time. There are also satirical poems that take potshots at and ridicule the superstitious and the believers like “Light That Darkens,” “In Fool’s Paradise,” “Onam,” and “In Your Name.” Again, while “Bapu” is on Mahatma Gandhi and his ideals, it ridicules all those who earned fame in his name. While “Motherland’s Boys” talks of the deterioration of India-Pakistan relations, “How Many More Children Will You Kill” chides Israelis and Palestinians for deaths of innocent children. “An Unknown Past” looks at an old person struggling in vain to open the locked doors of her memory. There are also poems that talk of a personal loss and some that snub individuals that make haughty statements. All the illustrations in the book are by cartoonist and animator Mr. Swathi Jaikumar.
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