When All Things Were New
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Try to imagine life as Adam lived it. What did he see and think? How did he deal with being forced from the garden’s perfection to the harsh outside world? And what effect did the murder of their second son by the firstborn have upon the first couple?

When All Things Were New tells a fictional but thought-provoking story, based on passages from Genesis and Revelation—to lend credence to the tale.

Beginning with the moment of Adam’s opening awareness to the climactic war against Cain and his followers from the land of Nod, this story of adventure may even get you to give that old Bible of yours a second look.

Even those classified as non-believers will experience the developing relationships and interaction between creatures of flesh and blood and those of spirit.

Lucifer and his band of fallen angels have been forcibly removed from their place in heaven, and woe to the Earth’s inhabitants.

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ISBN: 9781462726905
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