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“Troy wants you, Christy, but he doesn’t need you. I need you!”
Had those words been spoken by anyone other than Jack, Christine Sanford would’ve written it off as a bad joke and would’ve never allowed them to affect her so dramatically. He was her first love and—truth be told—her only love. But he had proven himself untrustworthy when she discovered that he had cheated on her. Regardless of his claims of innocence, she couldn’t bring herself to trust him again.
He meant what he said.
Jack Jordan could never have foreseen falling in love with his childhood friend Christine. But even less could he imagine that they would break up two years later when evidence of his infidelity was brought to light—despite the fact that he never cheated on her. Jack is forced to defend his name and love against the clever Troy Nolan, whom he is convinced is behind the deceit. But the deception runs much deeper than Troy, and Jack must unveil the truth in the midst of the lies that surround them.
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