A Book of Rememberance - A Reflection of My soul
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During times of despair, we often feel alone, like we are the only ones going through a horrific trial. It is at this specific time, when life has us in a chokehold, that we look to God and find that we are not the only ones in this predicament and that he is right there with us.
We need something to remind us of how we got over it the last time, perhaps a journal, a Scripture, or a special song to refer to in times of distress. These are stones of remembrance that will enable you to quiet the storms of life and control them instead of letting them control you.
This book is the basket of stones that helped me remember how I made it through and who helped me. I pray that this book will encourage readers to gather their stones and put them into a basket they can hold on to so they can remember how they overcame it the last time. And when you see someone else going through a storm, show them your basket that they, too, may find peace.

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