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Seven Souls
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Patience Keller awakes from a coma having no recollection of who she is. Following a terrible car accident, she is presumed brain dead for seventeen years. The miracle of her revival has her determined to find the missing pieces of her identity and restore life as she knew it before the accident. Her journey, however, leads her into a deadly area of self-exploration.
Patience senses something isn’t right from the moment her life begins again. In an attempt to better understand her place in a new world, Patience stumbles upon the surviving passages of an aged book—Seven Souls. She believes it to be a premonition rather than a story; her heroic role in this tale quickly consumes her life. Patience develops a lethal obsession with who she determines to be the other characters of the story—ordinary people in true reality, both dead and alive. She is dangerously fixated on one “character,” in particular, a retired bull rider by the name of Michael Rimmel. Unable to escape the grip of the ancient saga, Patience soon loses the ability to decipher actual reality from the destructive reality she seemingly creates out of a story.
The twists and turns of Seven Souls will have the reader guessing until the very end. The compelling mysticism of the story addresses spirituality, science, and humanity from a very unique angle. While Seven Souls is a complex fictional story, the potential of the plot may have the reader considering the true possibility of some of its events.
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