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You are a miracle! Your life is a blessing to all who know you and who pass you during your day. You have the capacity to give and receive great love—greater love than any of us have fathomed.
At one time or another, you may have felt broken, lost, robbed of your innocence, different; like you didn’t belong here. You may harbor unforgiveness and anger. You may feel utterly terrified sometimes and completely alone. You may feel confused, betrayed, victimized, sorrowful, worthless, or just stuck.
You are not alone in these feelings. We often get stuck here. We often mire ourselves deeper into the muck. Consider taking it a step further. Instead of just feeling the angst and fear and distracting yourself with food, television, electronics, sex, social media, alcohol or anything else, sit quietly and go inside yourself. Notice any body sensations and what you feel. Ask yourself and your body what you need to know or what it wants to tell you. Allow yourself to feel it without using words. We must feel it all in order to heal it. Allow yourself permission to feel, to acknowledge what is within. Let any tears come. The confusion, worthlessness, grief, sorrow, and sense of betrayal will die, leaving within you a beautiful, bright spaciousness that can fill you with joy and happiness in living, filled with a deliberate and happy passion for self-discovery and allowing the beauty of innocence to rekindle your gorgeous, loving heart.
You are the sun that is unfolding. Let yourself shine!

Published: Balboa Press on
ISBN: 9781452574431
List price: $6.99
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