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As Vicky and Jamie complete their plan on Sanctus, the remainder of their lives there are spent preparing their daughter, Sasha, for her task in life. In Sophie, the daughter of Sam and Kenny, Sasha realises a faithful companion, and together they take up the challenge begun by their parents.
Making their transitions back to the spiritual dimension, Jamie, Vicky, Sam and Kenny gaze down through the Celestial Window, and soon discover their lives there have given them the power to guide and protect their children. The evil minions, ever present, sense this and cunningly begin to draw their plans against the ageing Sasha and Sophie.
Constantly gazing towards Sanctus’s celestial horizon, Jamie sees a confusion of events looming for the elderly women. What gives him heart is the development of mediumistic skills in both Sasha and Sophie? a priceless resource that will give them access to the home dimension. With this access to spiritual knowledge, the onus, once again, rests on humanity’s ability to accept on faith what Sasha and Sophie offer.
With their second incarnate period behind them, Vicky and Jamie feel secure in their knowledge; basking in the increasing spiritual companionship with each incarnation. Dedicated to the Infinite One, they have submitted to a greater understanding of his plan; consequently, Sasha and Sophie, both proven souls in their own right, have been prepared by their parent hosts. Drawn together by this conscientious guidance from their parents, they gradually move towards their own kindred, spiritual companions? once joined together, they will begin the next stage of their destinies… CJB.
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