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Imagine you... In My Shoes
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If it were you, instead of him or her. would you still feel the same as you do when you are looking at it from the other side? What if the shoe was on the other foot? What if you traded places with someone and were to feel, what they felt during their experience?
I found that myself and others, were missing the understanding of what people go things are perceived by the victim. Also how closely related we are to the same issues.The book is presented to you, the reader, unedited and raw. Purposely to show there are flaws,mishaps and mistakes within all of us. We as a society tend to see the outside of things, the thing we call first impressions. We seem to only view the mask that covers, causing us to miss the true side of a persons story.
Just Imagine yourself traveling through the experience and the thoughts of someone else. seeing another side and possibly getting a second impression.
In the stories, the roles are changed! You are now viewing from a closer seat in the event, either as a character or mentally there with the character. As if the story included you! And now you are seeing the event through someone else’s shoes...
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