The Spiritual Sound is a collection of spiritual poems all written at a time in my life where the world seemed like a dark and sinister place. When the world was an upside down place to be in and where I was afraid all the time. It is through my pain and troubles that I found God right beside me the whole time being a guiding light out of the darkness.

I believe that God allowed me the beautiful gift of writing to share my experiences with people just like me who suffer for the kingdom of Heaven. People who truly know what it feels like and means to serve God with your whole heart no matter the cost.

It is my greatest and deepest desire that this book inspires someone to call on God and accepts Him into their life. I want no more to influence people to always put God first in their everyday lives because you can't go wrong with doing this very thing. Remember all things are possible with God (Matthew 19:26) but without Him there are impossible.
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