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A Dialogue with the Muslims!
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What was Yahya’s short mission on earth? Should Marium (Mary) and Isa (Jesus) be worshipped as gods? Was Isa (Jesus) only a messenger of God? How is Jesus in the likeness (similitude) of Adam? Was crucifixion only a myth? Does God have a son? What is Trinity? Is there more than one god? Was the Gospel (Injeel) sent only for the Christians? Who can be God’s children? These and other similar topics are briefly but thoroughly explained in this book. This book searches out whether the Gospel (Injeel) or the Koran is the continuation and the fulfillment of the Torah (Taraut) and the former Scriptures. This book is written in the defense and confirmation of the Gospel (Injeel), which the Koran (Quran) also asks its readers to believe as God’s revelation.
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